Elvis Presley's birthplace
Tupelo's main claim to fame is being the birthplace of Elvis Presley. While not considered a bluesman, Elvis drew much of his style from the blues and influenced the blues after his rise to prominence. He recorded blues tunes with a rock 'n' roll style, such as his first hit, recorded at Sam Phillip's Memphis Recording Service, That's All Right, and his well-known hit, Hound Dog, originally recorded by Big Mama Thornton. Elvis drew attention to blues, helping to bring it to mainstream America. The shotgun house shown on this page is Elvis' actual place of birth, built for $180 in 1934 by his father, Vernon Presley. 
Museum and giftshop, directly behind the house; additional admission
The birthplace house contains articles from the period, but not original or possessions of the Presley family. Admission is $1.00.

Music: Elvis Presley, That's All Right
Tupelo Hardware Company, 114 W. Main Street, where Elvis bought his first guitar from clerk, Forrest L. Bobo in 1946 for $7.75. THC is a good ol' fashioned hardware store, of the kind that is disappearing all too quickly from our towns.
This is Main Street Vintage Guitars, 130 W. Main St., at the other end of the block from Tupelo Hardware Co. This is a very cool place. I highly recommend a stop here. You might want to call to be sure they're open.
The Meat Man in his natural habitat.
A 1926 Gibson L-1, the same model as the one played by Robert Johnson
Be sure to check out the photos of Main Street Vintage Guitars 
at the bottom of this page. It's a really cool place.
Main Street Vintage Guitars
130 West Main Street
Tupelo, Mississippi
(662) 842 9697